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I think the wife is wise to all my excuses to cook. I think i carried it to far when i started cooking and inviting over people i dont like some im not sure i even know. She says i have an addiction but im not buying that for a minute. Although i do get kind of edge when i havent smelled smoke in a while. Is it just me?
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I'm sure Smokin' can echo these thoughts.

When you cook too much on the circuit,your travel weekends are 5 1/2 days,you try to earn a livin',you neglect family and friends,you only talk bbq,the neighbors all hide out when you try to bring them the practice meats,you always seem exhausted and are going to hang it up,after the next one.

You can't find the darn contest site,the truck is acting up,and you roll down the window and smell the smoke of 70-80 cookers.

Damn,this IS the good life!
As smokin says the first step in recovery is admission...
I thought I was the only one and through the years have desperately tied to hide my addiction.. the space between the matress, the drawers in the closet, the cabinets in the garage and worst of all the space on the patio.. I think the neighbors know and I know my friends uh (taste testers) and the co workers..
OK I admit I am hopelessly adicted to smoke..
there I said it now I feel better and the ribbs will be served this evening round 6..

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