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OK, I realize this is the Cookshack forum and all that BUT..the wife had a 3 day conference in San Antonio last week and my mind instantly went to TX BBQ! We made a nice little vacation out of the trip and visited old friends in the Lone Star State.
Driving to San Antonio from Freeport along the Gulf coast I took a nice little side trip to Lockhart, TX and we had lunch at historic Black's on Main Street. I was in heaven, after asking for brisket, sausage (original recipe of course!)and the biggest darn beef rib I've ever seen, the guy carving the meat said "what, no chicken?"! So I had a thigh too..
If ya'll ever find yourself within a couple hours drive of Lockhart treat yourself and make the trip. If not Black's, try Kruetz Market or Smitty's. They're all good and you won't regret it.
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Recently, I was in Texas helping Coach cook an IBCA invitational in Grand Prairie. We pretty much got skunked on calls but did enjoy the 4" of rain (first in 9 months) that we cooked in Frowner

Having been to Texas maybe a dozen times, I'd never been to the BBQ meccas. This trip we fired up Thunder Truck and visited:

Franklins (Austin)
A fairly rustic, grown-out shack of a place. We waited in line for 30 minutes for our lunch. Thick cuts of spare ribs, very tender cuts of "moist" (point cut brisket), a couple of nicely spiced links. They were out of pulled pork. The sauces (3) were all homemade and were loaded with vinegar and spice (in a good way). Franklins has received a lot of press lately, which explained the line and the "sorry-closed" sign that went up on the door at 1:00 pm.

Kreutz Market (Lockart)
There's a story to this place as it's owned by the same family that runs Smittys. Brother & sis had a falling out so brother built an enormous facility on the edge of town. We arrived around 6:00 to find 6-7 cars parked out front...not a good sign. We ordered up brisket, ribs and sausage. The brisket and sausage was OK, ribs were tough and dry. The staff had an "I don't give a chit" attitude to boot. Maybe a bad day???? We left disappointed. If you ask for sauce here you're in deep doo doo.

Luling Central Market (Luling)
Now we're talkin! Moist melt in your mouth brisket (flat and point), succulent ribs and spicy links. They serve a fabulous homemeade sauce...not really a Texas style...more Georgia Tomato-Mustard. Whatever it was, it complimented the meat very well. I gave this place 10/10.

Smitty's Market (Lockhart)
This is the original Kreutz Market. Much better than the reincarnation. Again, brisket, ribs and links. No sauce served here unless you like Texas Pete.

All of these places (Franklins excepted) are similar in style. You walk into the back room where the brick floor pits stand. Meat is cut to order on an enormous round butcher black slab. It's piled on butcher paper with Wonder Bread and away you go. The walls and ceilings are black as coal from the pit smoke. As you wait to be served, your senses are immersed in smoke & meat perfume. Out you go to the dining room (picnic tables) to order your sides and drinks. All of these places cooked with White Oak.

Rudys - a growing Texas BBQ chain is highly recommended...without a doubt the best chain Q I've had.

I'll try to upload a few pics as soon as I can get my smart phone to cooperate.

Texas is fll of BBQ joints!! There is a small BBQ place between Marshall, TX and Jefferson,TX (East Tx)that was an old abandon gas station, they put in a Q place and have some of the best brisket, ribs,and chicken that you will eat.

It is out in the middle of the country with nothing around it!
Not great pork country,anyway.
Over the years, cooks in TX on the bbqforum have operated q joints and tried to give away pork sandwiches in the lobby,out front,etc and folks wouldn't take them for free.Others try to sell them one day a week,and give up.

When Smokin' was staying and working in KCMO ,Oklahoma Joe's started doing pork on Wed.,I believe.
They were the only one in town.

Now in the SE,it is totally pork country,with the all you can eat chicken special-one day a week.
Or if you're in Dallas, head on over to see Hubert Green at Main St. BBQ IN Euless Tx. About 15 SW of DFW, only open on Fri Sat & Sun. $15 all you can eat buffet. Good stuff!

I stop there for lunch every time on the home from Dallas.

Hard Eight BBQ was also pretty good, NE of DFW, don't recall the name of the town.

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