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First Chicken breast in 008, WOW!!!
I marinated two batches (8 pcs.)one in McCormicks Grill
mate mesquite, the other with Cookshack chicken rub for 4 hrs than cooked at 225 for 1.5 hrs.I used 1 pcs. of hickory,and both was very moist.My therm went on the blitz when I put in, so I was worried about drying out.Getting this smoker has been GREAT. Thanks Cookshack
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You guys got me thinking. I've not tried this on a smoker yet, but my favorite marinade for grilled chicken breast is equal parts pineapple juice, soy sauce, and cooking sherry.

You've got the sugar from the juice, the salt from the soy, so it's basically a brine. I'll have to try it out on the smoker this week. Thanks for the idea!
I smoked boneless chicken breast once and was not very impressed. I used my normal marinade overnight. I prefer grilling it and it's less work. No cleanup. When grilled correctly it is very moist. I think most people over cook chicken when grilling. Many years ago I used to boil it before I grilled it and my friends we amazed how juicy it was instead of burned. Since then I have learned how to grill it not burn it.

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