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The crockpot is the traditional choice for chuck. However, as an experiment, I took a four pound chuck roast, coated it in rub and placed it in my smoker at 225 for just over two hours, internal temp reached about 125. I would guess the surface temp of the meat would have hit the 140 degree 'closed up to smoke' temperature at that point. Then I put it in the crockpot and went to bed. Cooked it until the internal temp reached 195, then pulled it down with forks just like a pork butt. Slightly more work to pull, but the barbecue beef sandwiches were well received. Good for those who shy from pork, and a lot less fuss than a whole brisket. Tends to be pricey though, I would only do this for the family and close friends.
If you really want to smoke it,for experience,marinate in some Zesty Italian dressing-or worchestershire sauce.

Smoke with some nut wood at 225*,until 165* internal.

Place on double foil,paint with some bbq sauce of choice,lay a sliced onion over the top.

Cook until 190*-195* internal.

Let rest 30 mins and slice/chop/pull.

Essentially it will be a pot roast,but it works.

Larger ones,shoulder rolls/clods,in the 20+ lb range are often done for pulled beef sandwiches.
"Chuckies" are a favorite with me. They are, 1) extraordinary, and 2) a good alternative for those at your party that might not want to eat pork. The 'problem' comes that everybody wants a bit of the beef along with the pork, and you run out of Chuckie! But, they are GOO-OOOD!

Find bone-in chuck roasts, too, the thicker the better, and cook them essentially the same/same as pork butt. The fat renders nicely, collagen melts and you've got some fine eating!

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