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When I bought my Amerique from the Charcoal Store they included twenty pounds of free wood chunks to play with.

I love Hickory and once I was out I started playing with the others - Apple and Cherry with Chicken, Pecan, etc.

Today I had a lonely rack of St. Louis Spares and decided to smoke them with one chunk of Bourbon Charred Chunk. WOW! You can really taste the wood and it is a very interesting combination. I can't help but think how good it would be with a Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

Thanks Charcoal Store as I would probably have never ventured past Hickory/Mesquite without the free samples!
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You should really try oak too. It is much harder to over smoke with oak, so people that might be put off by hickory, or especially mesquite, can usually handle oak well.

I usually blend hickory and oak for most everything, but I too enjoy playing around with new woods from time to time. I'm looking for some pecan right now. I can't find it locally anymore.

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