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2 packs Brats or however many you want
1 or two cans of good beer
1 or two sliced onions
fresh garlic(all you want or can peel)
hot sauce

Put the brats on low heat in the beer and veggies in a big stew pot. Add water to bring it up to around 3/4 full Dont boil and dont break 170. Just poach them a little till they plump up..then remove the brats from the water. Get rid of the lid and turn up the heat to make the liquid come to a rapid boil. Let it reduce until the onions carmelize and turn dark..the pot should be nearly empty by that time. Reduce the heat as the liquid disappears. Hopefully no more than a cup or so of liquid remains. Put on low heat and add a Tablespoon or two of Frenchies Yellow Mustard to the pot and stir it around. Should make the scant remainder of liquid tighten up pretty good. Grill the brats just till they get some nice grill marks. Serve on a bun with the mustard sauce you have made. Use the hotsauce anywhere you like. In the water or on the meat.
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