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do you use a rub?? if not a good starting place might be to start doing that.
also briskets can take a lot of smoke without getting oversmoked like say chicken can.
for wood you might try a mix of oak and pecan.
please try not to foil it if you are using a cs or sm model. they are really moist cookers so you don't really need to
one other trick is to put your brisket into the smoker cold and have your smoker cold when you start.
welcome to the forum
it's a great bunch of people here and they have helped me tremendously
Originally posted by lwwade:
[qb] thanks, i just have problems getting my briskets
to have a good flavor they aways taste bland. [/qb]
The best way to get help with that is tell us

What smoker you have?
How are you preparing the brisket (size, type, rub, etc)?
How are you smoking it?

What issues you have

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