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Did my first Packer's Cut this past weekend. It was 10.35 pounds. Didn't split it, didn't cut any fat off. Just took it out of the packaging, washed it out, covered it with Cookshack Brisket Rub. Put it back in the fridge for 5-6 hours. Took it out, folded it in half, threw it in the cookshack. Put it in at 10pm, 19 hours later it hit 190 (I did kick up the unit up to 250 when it hit 180). I took it out, wrapped it up in foil, then a towel and it went in the cooler until 6:30pm. Took it out, sliced it up and it was AWESOME.
Originally posted by smokin'on deck:
Does anybody do all these things? or does one cancel out another? Sure love this thing already !

I would go simple my first time, just so you have a good reference point.

All of those steps will give different flavors. If you do all of them the first time, and you don't like it, you won't know what caused it to be that way.

You can also just start at the Brisket Forum (further down on the main page) for some good thoughts.

Welcome to the group.
Excellent advice you got from Smokin.

In another thread Tom said something that is also very true. He said that you want the final product to come out of the smoker tasting like what it came off of. In other words, brisket has a big beef flavor. Best not to hide it under a bunch of exotic spices.

After trying all kinds of concoctions I'm now down to just two spices on a brisket. Montreal steak seasoning and smoke. That's it. Wanna taste that beef.

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