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I bought a 15 pound untrimmed brisket. I did this before I bought my 55 smoker today. After getting my smoker home and seeing the shelf size I just now relized I have a dilemma. After reading 101 I see you should not cut a brisket. I am not sure if I can fold this monster over it is around 19 inches long.
At about what Temp should I put in my cabbage in if I want both of these to come out at around the same time.
If I can fold my brisket it should take around 22 Hours correct?

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I buy the largest briskets I can find, simply because I get more return out of the effort. I've never folded any of mine, even the 14 pounders. I just put them in at an angle and cram/shove until I can get the door shut. After a while the meat shrinks and they fit perfectly without touching the sides. You'd never be able to tell they weren't cooked in a larger smoker.

You're on your own with the cabbage, or am I missing something?? Only had it in slaw.

As for timing, I like a well-rested brisket. So give yourself plenty of room up front, cook your brisket, then move it to a cooler to rest for several hours. That should give you time to smoke your cabbage. And the brisket will be waiting on you (and your cabbage)--not the other way around.
Do a search on smoked cabbage, it's been talked about but only a little.

Don't think I'd cook them at the same time, smoked cabbage will SMELL, and that smell will permeate everything, including the brisket and the smoker.

Also as a cabbage has a lot of water, as it smokes and drips it will drip on the brisket and I wouldn't think that would look good, the drips will streak the brisket.

Do the brisket, hold then do the cabbage.
Dennis,Tom and Smokin.
I have decided that I will put in my brisket in at 11 Pm. tonight to be on the safe side, figuring it could take between 15 to 18 hour to complete with the smoker set at 225.
I will foil it at 160 and add the low soduim beef broth. I will pull it from the smoker when it hits 190 and let it rest in a cooler.
I have decided to keep it simple and not do the cabbage until I master doing one thing at a time with success.
I am planning on using 1.5 Oz each of apple and hickory wood for the smoke. Since I am on vacation towmorrow I am going to baby sit this and record and take notes on the hour what is happening with this project for later use.
Thanks, for your all of your input.
Ps. Smokein I will be making your mustard sauce as my son would say mustard,mustard I'm going to start calling you the mustard man. Just love it.
My brisket turned out great! The virgin mustard sauce awesome. The Mrs. was so impressed she made up small plates to give to the inlaws and various friends. Smokein I sent pics to you, not sure if you can open them up since they are on an excel worksheet.
Nothing like a good impression on your first big date.

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