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Well, doesn't seem like much going on, so even a boring post will be readable. Doing my first brisket, now at 11 hrs. and 160*. Decided to go with something simple, just used some Wild Willys'. Despite how good the foiled recipe that everyone is talking about looks, I'm just going to foil it when it's done. Haven't really had BBQ brisket since about 25 years ago in Austin at Threadgill's (neat place!), so I want to see what "real" brisket flavor tastes like. Also have a corned beef soaking, now on 12 hours, going to soak it for 24 hours for a shot at pastrami.

For burnt ends, is it just a couple more hours in the CS, chop, sauce, and another hour? Or, am I looking for a ballpark temp or consistency? Saw Tom's post about keeping the re-seasoning light. Any other tips would be great since I don't think I've ever had them.
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OK, I'll try that! Now at 14 hours and 190*. Made a few pokes with a thermometer, outside like butter, but a little resistance in the center. Second therm also reads 185*, maybe the remote isn't in the deepest spot (done in the dark of night balancing the brisket on plate with one hand). Takin' her to 195* for another check.
Can't do it on temp (unless over 210+ is a temp) but you'll get them up small so the temp won't be accurate).

Separate the point from the flat. Put the fatty piece back in. (Some do it whole) Because it's basically 50% fat, you want to put it back in for the fat to render even more.

You can cut it up into bite size chunks. Put them in a shallow pan for an hour to get more smoke. Then sauce them up good and go another hour. Basically you want them overcooked and very, very tender.
You dont wanna overcook that brisket. Take it out at 190 degrees. When you take it beyond that, you will probably find it falls apart too easily when slicing. But that said at 190 degrees there should be no resistance when inserting the probe.

My suggestion would be to perfect the brisket first, then when that is mastered go for the burnt end thing. I do think that you will be very satisfied with your brisket though. Some folks actually prefer that the brisket be extra tender.

My experience though on a brisket that size says pull it out at 190. But then I also pull mine at 160-170 and wrap in foil then add a little beef broth or whatever magic ingredient you read about here at the forum. Then place back in the smoker, or in the oven if I am gonna start on ribs. Then at 190 I yank it immediately and let it sit for a minimum of 1/2 hour before I start to slice. Then I dont really slice until I have trimmed all of the fat and separated the flat and split the deckle.

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