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I have a beautiful 10.59 pound choice brisket going into my CS at 11:00 p.m. Are there any takers out there who want to bet whether it is still in tact in the morning? We have had a huge bear destroying our bird feeders and our kirby cart for garbage. Normally they prefer grubs, wild berries etc. Will the CS brisket be irresistable? Stay tuned, because I am taking a chance. I will let you know tomorrow.

Best wishes to all you smokers, and hello Russ, how in the hell are you?
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just a suggestion
buy a marlin 45/70 rifle
when said bear comes around drop it (myself i would use the 500 grain hollow points)
skin the thing out but for goodness sakes don't eat the liver. it is so high in vitamin a that it is toxic.
place said meat stealer in the smoker and cook well done.
don't forget you can only get triachanosis from pigs, walruses and bears.
wrap the meat well freeze and enjoy Big Grin
ps. my wife has always wondered why i have a 45/70 in florida told her you can never be too sure about bears and mooses but the real reason i have one is because i have a fear of cape buffalo.
pps. the above ps is a lie the real reason i have one is this was the cartridge the us govt adopted to kill indians. i got one to celebrate the fact that my my dads grandmother was 100% miami and that's no lie

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