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I've done several briskets in my smoker. They all seem to take 12-14 hours to reach 195 internal temp. Got up @ 4 am to put brisket in smoker for dinner party tonight. Checked temp at 10:00 am and temp is already up to 185. How long can I hold it at 140-150 smoker temp without ruining it? Should I take it out and cool it then reheat it later. I want to end up with a sliceable product, not pulled meat. Thanks to anybody who can help.
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How big is it,is your temp probe accurate,and have you temped it in several spots,is it a packer?

If all above is correct,you can turn it down to 190* and it may never get any higher.

Turn it back up,2-3 hrs before you want to take it out.

Some folks use their cookers as holding ovens,but I just add a little stock,foil tightly,surround it in newspapers in a warm dry cooler.

Don't open the cooler and it should be good for 5-6 hrs.

Nothing magical about 195* internal.

Depending on packer,it could go 200*-205*.

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