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Howdy Folks! New guy here from N. Carolina.

As many of you know, Hog is a religion in my neck of the woods and we do pretty good with it. However, in the last year or so, I've been messin with briskets with decent results. I now want to try injecting one. I'am thinking 1 oz. of fluid per Lb. of meat.

Anyone got some pointers or step by step instructions on the actual injection process?

Thanks in advance.
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we were lucky last year. we were parked right next to myron mixon and davey from jacks old south at okeechobee. these guys have it down to a science and even have a 3 leg manifold for different injecting liquids. watched him blow up a brisket till it looked like a football. and we won't even talk about the job he did on pork. his directions to peggy was a lot like tom's above, just go ez and take your time.
he did give a seminar at the nbbqa convention in atlanta a few years back for whole hog. i was amazed at how much injection raw meat can hold.
Thanks for the replys so far Gents. I'am begining to make some of the locals realize there is more to Que then just hog and birds.

Got another question and I ain't expectin' any well kept secrets:

Suggestions for a 'Texas Style' inject reciepe?

Please understand that mesquite don't grow 'round here although I know many like it with beef. I've been using a 50/50 mix of red oak and hickory.
Craig S.
drbbq's book gives a pretty good cow injection,and he has proven to be a fine brisket cook.

You can check it at Barnes & Noble,or any of the box stores.
Just from a failing memory.

About a pint of not real salty,good beef stock.

A tsp each of granula
ted onion and garlic.

1/2 tsp each of red and white pepper.

A couple oz wooster sauce

That is close from memory.
I've been doing Dr. BBQ's injection (page 61) like Tom stated above. I use the low sodium beef broth, it gets to salty with regular.

Dr. BBQ's French Dip Brisket Sandwiches (page 197) with the same low sodium broth is excellent too. I top them off with sauted onions and Portobellos.

Speaking of Dr.BBQ, he told me he has a couple more cookbooks in the making.

I had the wrong page # so it is edited. -R

Good luck! Roger
Thanks for your reply Roger.

I've been told that low sodium beef base is the starting point for good home made inject. I like low salt rubs and sauces on hog as well. The medical experts say too much sodium ain't good for any of us.

Feel free to chime in folks. There ain't no wrong opinions.
Craig S.
since you are in a hard for beef state like me i will be happy to give you my rub recipe for brisket. just send a private message. we have gone from 4 oz of sales in 4 hours to 2 whole briskets in the same time period. the bible on brisket for sure is paul kirk. we modified one of his recipes and it took off. fight the good fight. people in the southeast are just learning about brisket and it does command a premium price.
ps. do a little study of your area. the closest ones to me who do brisket are 40+ miles away in jacksonville.

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