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here is a thought.
35 people at 6 oz per person plus sides equals 210 cooked ounces. for raw meat figure twice that or 27 pounds of trimed brisket.
in my neck of the woods where brisket is scarce 2 14 pounder packers would do.
time whether it be on an fec or sm150 would be about 75 mins per pound or until the thermos read around 185 to 190. briskets are like people no two are the same.
just figure 50% shrinkage from the trimmed weight and then figure in your serving size.
ps. i use a temp of 225 and it doesn't matter if i am using my fec or the sm150.
pps. the houston livestock comp is my one dream comp. maybe not next year but the year after i just gotta butt heads on brisket!!!

I know what U mean about brisket and being scarce; Here in Ca. you have a hard time finding it too.

You bring up a good point about the sides;I never even thought about that.

how about the wood amount?

Hook'em Horns...beat OU. Oh...sorry we've done that.


How about the UT smoker.
Are you able to get packers,or are you cooking flats?

Flats yield a little better,and are easier to handle -if you don't do much brisket.

Is this the only meat?

Jack's figures are pretty close to my guess for a mixed crowd.

Are all these folks bbq eating adults?

High school boys,or working men,might require a raw lb/person.

Kids may not eat it,so a pack of hotdogs thrown in is nice.

Wood is subjective,but 6-8 ounces should handle it.

Although you can do two large packers,I'd consider three 9-10 lb ones for ease of handling,serving,etc.

I'd cook them on your center three racks.

Hope this helps a little.
Originally posted by Lost Txn:
[qb]Hook'em Horns...beat OU. Oh...sorry we've done that.
Well I was gonna help until that comment. Let's see, last six years the record OU 5 wins UT one.

And since we're on the subject. USC class of '88.

If you can beat both my teams in the same year you definitely deserve the National Championship.

Now back to BBQ
Dont worry lost texan, in 2011 the longhorns might beat OU again to end another long losing streak. Im rooting for ya though against USC, just dont see it happenin. Texas did finally get a good quarterback, no more Chrissy Simms or Major appleseed. Only good thing coming out of texas is I-35, and 75% of the football players that come up here to win national champinionships at OU. What was youre barbque question? I forgot what it was.
Sorry I did't think UT beating ou would be so rough on you all. I must say you guys.. are right ou has owned UT for the last few years.(peace offering)
Thanks for the advise prisonchef313.

Tom, I am using packers. 6-8 oz of wood will it hold that much ? I 'm cooking for 25 heavy equipment mechanic so it has to be good. The rest are office people.

SmokinOkie-I have read a lot of what you have any comments would be appreciated.

Fishguy _40 see you @ the RB.

popum2000- you are right Chrissy simms. My question was how do I cook for all these guys.
Depending on your sides,I'd cook the three 10 lb packers.

With working men,I'd rather have a little extra than be short.

I usually toss in a couple pounds,or more, of sausage,cut into 1 inch pieces as snacks while I'm putting briskets together.

Your area produces some good ones,they are easy to cook,and even the women will eat a piece.

6-8 ounces of wood is about the size of 1/2 dozen golf balls,or a large fist.

Shouldn't be a problem.

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