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I haven't done a brisket in quite some time and I'm gettin' hungry. Went to my usual grocery store (Harps - it's a regional chain) and they wanted $6.99 for a trimmed flat - about 4lbs. Eeker After I picked my dentures up off the floor, I thought "there's just no way I am paying that price." Went to Wally World and all they had was "select" grade. We don't have a Sam's Club locally, and I don't think there's a Costco in the state. I see that some are paying $2.69 for prime in the San Diego area. Is my store ripping people off…?

What ar you paying for choice grade briskets & where. I am in north central Arkansas.

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Wally World by us has either Select or Choice, it's hit & miss. The one I got last week was a select, $2.69/lb. Turned out good though, can't complain. Sam's by us only carries flats. Costco, used to carry flats only, although I've heard they are now carrying packers.

RD has brisket for $2.39-$2.69/lb. Usually choice.
We here in northern MI went thru that a year or so ago... I ordered a full brisket from my small but good rural grocery and all they could come up with was a flat for $6.79 a lb. I refused. Wheelz: I thought it was you who had sons in the cattle business and said the high prices were due to cattle sell off during the drought.

Anyway, no they are not ripping you off but it pays to shop around. I think our local Sam's was charging $4:49 last week but I have seen a full packer for $2.49 at another supermkt yesterday. Hopefully things are getting better.
Andy -- Thanks for the reply. I've had my share of disappointments with select grade beef and will wait until I can find a decent priced choice. May have to finds a Sam's Club member and drive to Little Rock and take a look-see.

Qnorth -- No, I don't have sons in the cattle business. I have been keeping websites for a couple of cattlemen and used to barter for beef. One rancher is in Nevada and the other is in California. Both are in the drought area and have cut way back on production.

Yes, I'm going to have to shop around. Having not bought beef from a store in years, $6.99 for select grade just threw me for a loop. And, maybe I'm being just a tad picky! Roll Eyes
We jumped $.70 per pound the week on upper choice whole certified Hereford brisket. Up to $3.47 for now. Largest 1 week jump I've seen in 6 years.

Ground chuck took a big jump as well. I would say the pound cow (hamburger) supply dropped off for some reason. It's interested that we capped out on Jan. 20th last year at $4.05. I hope this is the worst of it. I was really enjoying that $2.30# stuff a couple months ago.
What gives? Live cattle have been taking a beating and wholesale is still going up. $3.29 this week on brisket, ribeye back up to $9.24 bone in butts $1.48.

Sam's club has been kicking all of our local suppliers hind ends. Problem is they don't deliver and we are 120 miles from nearest club. Smiler

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