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I put a 10# brisket in the Smokette at 8:00 p.m. yesterday and set the cooker temp dial on 200* This morning, the internal temp of the brisket registered 152*. I'm not in a hurry to finish it since I want it for dinner, so see no reason to increase the cooking temp to 225*, the normal cooking temp or a brisket. Am thinking I will let it cook at 212* until after noon and then adjust as necessary in order to finish it by around 4:00 p.m., leaving time for it to rest wrapped in a cooler for an hour or two. What do you think about this plan?
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Hippie,Definitely not Blonde. And definitely not born nor raised in a confederate state either. So I am not a redneck nor a hick.I am a Yankee which you may use against me in the future..... But I do have cousins from Appalachia so I enjoy your sense of hick humor...are you a blonde???
I don't think there are any adjustments that would affect the bottom of the door scraping.But when I go out to smoke my pork butt I will look at it.
I STILL like the idea of a Cookshack magnet.Maybe if they had them, I would have won one during the Anniversary week.
How would you describe the primary difference between a redneck and a hick? I think of a hick as someone "from the sticks" that is not cultured, that has not traveled, is not well read, has not been exposed to finer things, is uneducated and pretty ignorant. They may have a capable mind, but it has not been developed.

I think of a red-neck as someone that is not cultured, probably has a beer belly, drives a pick-up, may have a gun over the rear window, has extreme conservative ideals and is very opinionated.
I took some of my pork butt down to my hillbilly neighbor..born and bred in TN..She said it was better even than the last one I took her.LOL.. best she had ever eaten..Now that is what keeps me giving her some whenever I smoke some meat. The temperature never did get as high as I liked but I think it wasn't placed properly because I pulled at 179 and the sections fell apart.I poured the rest of the vinegar mop over it, and the meat sucked it all up. I didnt make mustard sauce after all but used one of my favorites--Head Country.NOw hwere is the Problem...My husband wants to keep eating it;he ate more after he had dessert.So he wants me to leave it out on the counter. What should I do?????LOL
C'Nooga,My Neighbor says she is a hillbilly. And I don't care what you say about Okies because I am a Yankee not an Okie LOL. so talk away about Okies...

Didn't say all people from there were hillbillies. My relatives come from Appalachia and are close to a combination of redneck,hillbilly,hick.
A person is a hillbilly if they are born and bred in them-thar hills. And many hillbillys are hicks, but fortunately they can and do change. Dolly was a hillbilly, and she probably was a hick. She may still be a hillbilly, I don't know, but she ain't no hick, not anymore. Don't you just love Dolly!
Okay, let's not get into ANY name calling, someone always takes exception.

I've received an email about this (taking offense) so it has to stop today. While it might be funny for some, it might not be for some, thus we STICK TO BBQ.

Except for one or two response, the post had nothing to do with the original question.

Don't forget, It's a BBQ forum, so let's stick to BBQ. When we get off topic, it always goes too far.

Thus the Moderator .... Moderates.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator.

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