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Following are the pics from last week's brisket cook.<br /><br /> Brisketorial pics <br /><br />A few Brisket 202 topics to keep in mind: foil, cooking temp, wood type/amt, briquettes for SR, etc.<br /><br />Next week I'll repeat without foil and without briquettes and post again.<br /><br />
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Briquettes: Sometimes I'll throw a couple in the firebox just because. But this time I decided to try four to see if more led to any pronounced smoke ring. You can see for yourself that there's nada.

Can: Yea, it looks a little Sanford & Son'ish. But hey--it's BBQ. Does it work? Most of the time--I think.

Any time I cook I always think what I'll do different next time...

--buy a new bag of mesquite since I'm down to the small pieces (it needed more smoke from the bigger, longer-burning chunks.
--put on more Montreal seasoning
--turn the smoker off rather than set it to 140 (the foiled brisket sat too long at 190 and was a little overcooked)
--add some TQ to my rub to try for that smoke ring
--and the biggie --> no foil

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