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put new s.s. fire pot in fec 100 and have noticed that the cooker is now burning briskets at the bottom of the flat.
running normal temps at 234 degrees.that i have used since i started cooking with the fec 100, hickey pellets from eddie.never did this before i changed to new pot. using prime briskets, start fec 100 2 to 3 hrs prior to loading meats.
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My other questions would be how low in the smoker is the meat placed. And what was the meat temp when it was pulled.

I did a comp two weeks ago. And the guy set beside me was doing his first comp. On saturday after pork turn-in, I noticed he had his brisket out way early and was getting ready to cut. So I went over and asked how things were going. He had a steak knife and was cutting the brisket. It looked very over done. I asked him about the temps. He took it to 210 then pulled it and wrapped it. That is what everyone he knew had told him to do.

He took 18th of 19. He had also cooked a flat.

We took 1st in Brisket that day.


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