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Hey all, I have been doing some research on burnt ends. Most of the recipes and searches say to take a cooked brisket and put in smoker for another 3-5 hours. I am wondering, should I cool/rest the meat then put back in my CS or can I just increase my cook time. Can I smoke to a higher temp? Not sure.
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The recipe should really refer to the point of a "packer" brisket. This is the flat and the point together. When the flat is done, separate the point and put it back in the smoker for another three to four hours. It probably would not jurt to throw some rub on the side where you separate it from the flat before putting it back in. No need to let the point rest before putting it in back in the smoker.

Ditto to what RibDog posted. Just did a 14lb packer brisket late Friday night into Saturday afternoon (16 hours @ 225 on the CS50 smoker). Took it to 190 degrees. Separated point from the flat, double foil wrap & towel for the flat and into the cooler while working on the burnt ends,added more Dr.BBQ rub to the point (rub recipe from Dr.BBQ's terrific book), back in the smoker at 250 for two more hours, rested it for 15 minutes, chopped up the point, tossed pieces in bbq sauce/beef broth mixture, back in smoker at 250 for another hour....Unbelievable!

Found myself gravitating to the burnt ends over the flat although both were terrific....Shared with several friends...Hats off to CookShack and Dr.BBQ!!!

Burnt ends, when they're done right, are really great. Most people, when you slice a packer up, gravitate towards the point because of that fatty taste although they don't normally know why they like it better (fat is flavor).

Now, shoulder clods which have nothing to do with burnt ends or brisket (this terminology can be so confusing) Wink

Brisket and shoulder clod are different. Now many places in Texas sell "barbecue beef" and in fact are selling clod.

Do a search on Clod, we've talked about it a couple of times.

Thanks everyone! I just pulled it out this morning. I was making a brisket hash for breakfast. VERY GOOD! It called for burnt ends. I just smoked/cooked the point to 210*. I could have gone longer but I thought that would be a good starting point. I should have added some heat(for my taste). We have guests so I didn't want to hurt anyone.
thanks to all

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