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I have a jar of burnt fig jam, and I want to make a sauce for the brisket that we are going to gobble up this evening. Now, I realize that it is heresy to suggest serving anything except good old barbecue sauce with brisket, but ... after all these years ... I am bored of barbecue sauce. At least today I am. So, I am thinking I will thin down this jam with some balsamic vinegar and serve it on the side with the brisket.

Does anyone else have any ideas for liquid to use for thinning it? I might try it with water, too.

I will let you know how it turns out.
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Actually, I think that sounds YUMMY!!!! I would suggest using a juice as your liquid to thin your jam. If you want to give it some kick you could add some cayenne pepper. I would also suggest apple vinegar but that will give it more of BBQ sauce flavor though! If after adding your vinegar it is too twangy add some honey to sweeten it back up! I look forward to hearing how your brisket is with the fig jam as the sauce! GOOD LUCK!!!
Tom and lovetocook,

Your ideas are great and I just happen to have apple juice, cayenne, etc. on hand.

My personal chef, Bruce, forgot to check the hopper before he put the brisket in the FEC100 last night. I bet he doesn't do that again. The smoker ran out of pellets and the brisket is finishing in the oven. If he weren't my husband I might have to fire him.

Hope you are having a great holiday.
I buy some infused Balsamic vinegar with figs and make a reduction sauce from that alone.....I add several slices of COLD real butter and stir in one at a time....The reduction comes out sweet and nutty....very good on ice cream......and excellent on steak!!!

Yours sound great Donna!!!


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