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I'm still looking into long Butt cook times. Done 3 yesterday in 08, all close to 8* Two took 21 + hours & the one on the top shelf took 23 hrs & 50 min.I made sure they did not touch the back or side walls. They were all very good & moist when pulled. These were the longest cooks yet. I measured the internal box temp & was over 220* , so I think thats ok. The thing i did notice was the butts had a very thin fat cap & the catch pan under the smoker had very little liquid in it when the cook was done. I have had quicker cooks where the catch pan was overflowing. Do you think the length of a cook is proportional to the amount of liquid injected by the processers & the amount of fat on the Butts??

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I wouldn't expect an eight pound butt, or a trio of them, to take twenty hours.

I would expect a 20 lbs shoulder to take much longer than that, but seperate cuts cook faster.

Still, I reckon the cooker has only a certain amount of heat to offer, and three eight pound chunks could take some effort.
While you might think that individual cuts should cook quicker, keep in mind how much total mass you are putting in the smoker to smoke. Even with my FEC 100, if I stick a full load of butts in there, I can't start at the Smoke setting as that is just too much meat to allow the smoker to keep the temp up. With anything less than say 70 lbs. of butts, I can start at Smoke. Any more than that, I have to start at 180.

Just a thought.
Just did a 9lb butt from Sams. Put it on the middle rack with 2 probes in it at 225 de. 16 hours later took it out of my 008 when it reached 195 de, foiled it for 1 hour, than pulled it.
My advise if you want to pull it is to always let it reach 195 de, and always foil it and rest 1 hour before pulling.
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