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This is my first post. I've scoured the forums unsuccessfully looking for a solution to the following:

I put three 7lb butts in my smokette at around midnight last night at 225 and they are done 9hrs later. I was expecting a longer cook time.

I've read the cooler/towels/wrap method of holding pork; however, is there a safe way to hold the pork in the oven, smoker, crockpot until guests arrive in 8hrs or should I pull it, sauce it, and chuck in in the fridge? I'm concerned I'll have dry hunks of meat if I let the meat sit in the smoker all day.

Your wisdom would be appreciated.
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When you say butts are done,I assume they have all probed tender and are at the pullable stage?

I've found that if you give them a little squirt of a vinegar baste/sauce like Smokin's,wrap in heavy plastic wrap and then double foil them you have a headstart.
If you have a smaller cooler that you can warm with very hot water,drain and dry,fill any excess space with newspaper around the butts and don't open until about 30 mins before pulling,they should be too warm to handle in eight hrs.

If no cooler,wrap the same way,set on an Al pan and maintain the house oven at 140º.Some folks use their cooker in the same manner-as a holding oven.

Yes,you can pull now and store,but it only takes a very few mins to pull them and they are better fresh.

Hope this helps a little.
I left them in the smoker at 190 for a few hours after hitting them with a little apple juice, pulled them out at 1pm, hit them with another spritz and double foil wrapped and placed in a 170 degree oven for a few hours.

They were in great shape at 5pm when I took them out to rest for a few before pulling.

All my coolers were full of beer and ice so I called an audible and it worked fine. Thanks to all for the tips.

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