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This past weekend at the Bixby contest (my first cook at a contest with the FE and first run with Pork Butt and Brisket), I put my butts (8lbs each) on at normal time, around 2am for my old smoker, and when it cam time to turn in pork, it had only reached 193 degrees. I usually take my butts to around 200. When I took my pork off, it didnt pull like usual. The bone came out with ease, but it didnt wanna pull at all. I cooked my butts on the top shelf the entire time. I foiled at around 170 degrees. My butts are usually ready to pull at least an hour or 2 prior to turn in. Is it the top shelf? Is it cooler up there? I heard that the top shelf was the "hot spot" but it didnt seem that way. Any suggestions?

Funny thing was I took 7th in pork out of 76 teams and after I turned in what i could salvage, I trashed the rest. Good times.

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Maybe you've come up with the new secret? Cool

Alway's check our shelves for temp and the different areas on shelves,just to be sure.

I'm not brave enough to do a first run on any meats at a comp.

You don't say what temps you were cooking,and the top can be a warm spot.

Lot of folks will start large meats slow,and kick them up later.

Seems like a lot of folks start butts between 8PM-10PM to get them off in time.

You may cook hotter than we do to start at 2AM and be ready by 10AM,or so.

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