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drbodkin, how is your survey for excess brisket going? I got a problem. Maybe you can help.

Bought 110 dollars worth of pulled pork. Expecting 40 people. Only 20 came.

Oh my god............

I've got soooooooooo much pulled pork here.

What do I do?

Omelets? Hell fire! I can't do 10 lbs of pork omelets.


drbodkin, please help.

Yours, Cool
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Add a little vinegar type sauce and freeze in one lb. bags.

That's just about three sandwiches or enough to add to a gal. of beans.

One night's tacos or enchiladas.

Add a couple handfuls to a grocery frozen pizza.

Take a few old pieces of bbq chicken and some of that old brisket out of the freezer and it's burgoo or brunswick stew.

Something I picked up growin' up out in Smokin's country,chalupa.

Cook up a pot of ranch beans,like Jeff Wheeler's approach.

Posted by bigwheel on November 22, 2002 at 11:35:27: Bigwheel's World Famous Top Secret Prize Winning Pinto Beans

Hey Rick...thanks for the kind words. I have got some fair reviews with this recipe. Dylan said he liked em purty good anyway.

Bigwheel's World Famous Top Secret Prize Winning Pinto Beans

2 lbs washed pintos
1/3 lb salt pork..or few strips bacon..or pork hock
1 onion
2 split and seeded japs or serrano peppers
3-4 garlic cloves
1 T. dry mustard
1 T. wooster sauce
3 T. chili powder (Try mix and match Ancho, Gebhardts, Chimayo, etc)
1 can extra Hot Rotel Tomatoes with Habs
salt and pepper to taste

Cover beans with 2" of water and soak 1 hr. Drain and refill to same level. Add the salt pork and bring to a rapid boil. Reduce heat and put on the lid. Simmer till nearly done but not quite then add the other stuff and cook another 20-30 mins. Once you add the tomatoes they dont tender up any more. Add water anywhere along the way if they get too dry. Veggies can be chopped..purreed or floated depending if your comp cooking or eating at home. If you feeding wimmen, chillin, or yankees you can use only half a can of the maters. If you want them smokey..stick them in the smoke in the coolest part of the pit with the lid off for at least a coupla hours.


You can do these on the stove.

Add about 3 to 4 lbs. pulled pork,once they get a little thick.

Serve over frito or taco chips,top with shredded lettuce,chopped 'maters,onions,jalapenos,sliced black olives, shredded sharp cheese,and salsa.

Now see i2,you ain't even got enough pulled pork to get through the week.

Big Grin
Good evening i2,

I am afraid that I am not the most imaginative cook when it comes to the use of leftover pulled pork. I posted a month or so ago, however, that I felt that Smokin Okies' vinegar mop for pulled pork is the most compatable sauce with pork that I have ever had. Like Tom suggests, I simply put a liberal dose into the leftovers and freeze them in approximate one pound bags. The only thing new I can add here is that I love blackeyed peas and okra, and always put in pulled pork, bacon or ham (whichever I have on hand). Another thought is that it can be used to make a terrific pork commercial, if that is something you like.

Good luck with your leftovers.

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