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While I love my smokette, it is not suited to smoking home made sausages in general. The problem is the temperature at which you can generate smoke vs. the temperatures you need to properly smoke home made sausages, like salami. I have purchased the $300 model from Sausage Maker for sausages. Nothing better than having a beautiful brisket in the Smokette and some perfectly smoked sausage in the Sausage Maker smoker.

I was going to do just that, but those folks kinda screwed me (in my opinion)

I bought a sausage maker kit from them, and it all arrived and I started using it the first weekend. the grinder fell apart while grinding, I mean little plastic parts went everywhere and the grinder end fell off into my meat bowl.

They were nice enough to take this back, but they discounted the price I was paid back over 30% from what it sold for individually. I even emailed then and asked if all items in that kit were discounted over 30% and I got some reply saying the biggest mark up is in the grinder (apparently not the stuffer, or seasonings, or casings) and I could take it or leave it.

I took it, but decided right then and there never to buy anything else from them.

Shame really as that 50lb digital smoker looks like exactly what I want.

I think I am going with the cabellas 100lb pro as my second choice.

I cant seem to find a decent commercial smoker that smokes low enough for what I want to do.

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