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I just picked up a 58 lb case of Pork Bellies at RD. When I called to inquiry this morning about what they had in the way of bellies, he said they come in 50lb boxes. So he weighed it up and 58lbs later. Man those were heavy.

$1.61 a lb. So, I cut some up to make Pork Rashers (see previous post) for dinner tonight. Some are now brining for my next batch of bacon and one whole belly is wrapped in paper and foil until I am ready to do more bacon. I even sold a half belly to my neighbor.

What a great price.
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the bellies I got today were the freshest ever. Dark Red meat, over three inches thick in some places and very soft. Lots of lean. The poor guy who bought the ribs from these hogs must have got some shiners, as I got all the meat on the bellies. The rind was on and very thin. I also noticed there was no teats on the rind, which I've seen before on bellies. I wonder if this means they were from boars, or just young pigs who had not yet given birth. They each weighed between 11 and 13 pounds and I got seven of them.
Chaplain Bill, where did you get them?

My first hole belly was 17 pounds. The ones in the box from RD averaged between 8.7 and 10.

Maybe yours were from young pigs if they were whole, I know that all of mine were cut in half down the middle length wise. Yours sounds like some of mine, pieces of nice dark meat in some places. I was impressed and will continue to get the cases this way.

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