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I move my smoker to the other side of the patio for each use and always wanted caster wheels. I used (4) 3" pieces of 1-1/8" c.r. steel, chamfered the edges. Drilled and tapped 3/8" hole through each piece. Slide easily, but tight in each leg of the smoker. Used threaded stud, 2" caster wheels. $23 and works great.
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Originally posted by Smokenque:
Geez, I hate people who have such nice looking/organized garages. Wink

But, I will say you did a great job with your nicely made and stained cart. Smiler

Thanks SmokenQue, I have so much junk I have to keep the garage organize!!!

The garage is 24 feet deep and 30 feet wide and 14 feet high!!! I made a loft in the rear of the garage 4 feet deep and 30 feet wide allthe way across the back for storage. What's nice, it's about 8 feet high and under it all is a nice BIG workbench!! I also dable in outdoor Garden railroad!!!


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