I’m not sure about how long I’ve had it but at least 10 years. It was never used in a commercial application and for the last couple of years it’s been in a storage shed. Unless they’re rusted about all that can go wrong is the electronic lighters and I have replaced one. They’re very susceptible to moisture which causes a short as they were built to be inside. Even if the lighter does go out you can still light the fire pots easily with lighter fluid. I looked it up on Cookshack and a new one is $6900. The hood is an accessory item and sells for $800. With a new one you’d have freight and I guess they probably charge Ark sales tax.

I’m not any good at the picture thing but if you’re up this way you’re welcome to take a look. If you’re interested I could sell for $3,500.

My name is Rick Hooten and if you’d like to talk to me my # is 327-1466. If I don’t answer just leave a voice mail and I’ll call you back.
Well wouldn’t you know it I’m out of pocket today & tomorrow. I’m retired so normally I’m not that hard to hook up with. I don’t have the CharBroiler listed so it’s not going anywhere. Do you have another time/date that works for you.

The old CS Forum lead-in cautioned that advertisement or resale of any item, even used CS items, was not allowed on the Forum, as the Forum was dedicated to BBQ lovers exchanging recipes, techniques, and recommendations, and as it is supported by CS, was not to be used to compete with CS in any sense. Maybe CS doesn't care anymore, but I've been on this Forum a few years and it seems to me that this exchange could/should have been taken private a while ago. Just my $.02. I'd be interested if there are any "old timers" still on here who have an opinion.


rhoot posted:
Chad, Next Thursday looks O.K. for me. Let me know when we get closer so I’ll be sure and be here. If you need to call my # is 501 327 1466. If I don’t pick up just leave a vmail and I’ll call back

Chad are you planning on coming here today

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