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SM025 being delivered tomorrow.
These are the things that I have read on the forum that I need to do. Am I missing anything?

If the smoker trips my plug, run smoker on Non-GFI plug for two hours to get rid of any moisture in heating element.

Break in at least 4 hours with 2 oz. of hickory at 225.

I have a 6.5 pound pork butt in the brine now that I have removed the "butt gland" from. I would like to have it done for dinner on Tuesday so I'm thinking if I put it on at 225* around midnight on Monday then I can prob pull off around noon on Tuesday and FTC til dinner.

What do you gurus think?
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What time was you planning on eating? I have a hard time staying up that late, so I'll start about 8pm on 200* and then when I get up in the morning I'll raise the temp of the smoker.

Make sure you use 18" wide foil and line the bottom of the smoker and the wood box lid. It really helps with clean up. Won't be needed for the seasoning smoke if you're only using wood.

Don't forget to poke hole in foil!!!
Yep, what time do you want to eat, and what time do you get up in the morning?

I start most of my butts at night at 190, then bump up the temp to 235 in the morning. I've also started one or two in the early early morning at 260 and had it done for dinner.

And ditto on the foil! Makes cleanup a breeze and you don't need to change it every smoke. I used to, but don't anymore, now every three or so, depends on how crusty it gets. Wink
I always do 2-4 Sam's butts (bone in) in my old 009 at 225°. I put them on at 11pm and take them off at 12-1pm. Never used a tpen on them, when the bone is loose, they are done. Then I wrap for 2 hrs in cooler and towels, then pull. I have done about 50+ pork butt cooks and it is perfect every time.

Be sure to hit it with finishing sauce after you pull it.

Why are you brining it? What is the butt gland?
Originally posted by A DRUMMER:
Hey Okie, you ever cheeseclothed this recipe and used as an injection on a butt?


CC what a PB? No, don't want to, love a good bark and the CC is to keep it a good color and thinner bark and help crisp up poultry skin. Not sure what it would add.

Inject. Sure you can inject most anything, just strain it before you do. I've not injected the finishing sauce specifically though.
Thanks for the reply. Been using Pickled Pig's Mojo sauce for pork butt injections, and I think I'll try yours next time. Got an easy vinegar sauce for ya, watch out, though, cause it's hot!
2 cups cider vinegar
1 TBS fine ground black pepper
1 TBS cayenne pepper
1 TBS vegetable oil

Mix it and let it sit on the shelf over night. This is genuine South Carolina hot pork juice!!

Over Dunn
Does it make any difference to the taste that the interior is coated in smoke remnants? Or is it just a badge of pride? IOW, should I clean the thing regularly or just let it blacken up?

Originally posted by SmokinMAINEiac:
Originally posted by Cravin-TX-Que:
PB is on..
The walls aren't as smoked up as I'd like but they'll get there.

Doesn't a clean, new smoker look cute?

Ah, I remember just about a year ago when I got my Smokette. It was all shinny and clean. Now it's black as a boot and I love it more everytime I use it.

How was that PB Cravin?

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