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No. It should not be bloody. Juices should run clear. You can use a remote probe and cook until it is 175. It should be done then. I have trouble finding a place to put a probe in most chickens, so I just cook on 250* for 4 hours. they are always done by then. I crisp/brown the skin in the indoor oven. Throw that booklet in the trash if it is the one that comes with a new CS. Use the info you can find on this forum. The search function works very well.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you like it here. Lots of nice folks and alot of good info.

What type/brand smoker/cooker do you have?
Lj, thank you for the link to the bloody chicken artical. I'd just grilled some chicken breasts to 160+, juices ran clear, said they're done and all where a bit blody but tender as could be. Notice I said grilled, the last attempt at smoking chicken was jerky, I've learned from that and will do better next time. Chicken in the CS yet! Just not tonight.

Originally posted by canyonvu:
We put in a marinated whole chicken (about 4 pounds) for three hours and it came out pink inside. Any thoughts. The booklet said 3 hrs for 2 chickens...

Okay, don't use TIME only as your basis for determing. You need to check the juices to see if they run clear. You also need to get a good instant probe so you can check the temps.

Don't use the times in the book. They are guides, not rules. Q'in isn't a recipe like baking a cake, it's a WHOLE lot of art to making good Q.

Come to the forum, ask here for the scoop before your next cook.

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