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I have tried reading archives about chicken, but it seems to be pieces or whole or 1/2 chickens. So can you (tasty, not just OK) do boneless, skinless chicken breast fillets in a smokette? If so, how? (temp, how long, how much wood, prepare any certain way?) Probaly do 2-8 at a time.

To better describe: about an inch or so thick at thickest, sloping down to 1/2 that. 3-4 inches wide, 6 inches long. Can get them already marinated (different flavors, from mesquite to lemon) or just plain.

The reason I ask is this may end up being what we smoke most. The local grocery store has them cheap, and we gas grill them all the time. But if they can be done on the smoker and have that smoky flavor the grill will be a thing of the past!!!
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I have done many chicken breast for quesadillas
etc. I cook them for about 45 minutes bottom rack at 250 sprinkle a little chicken rub and dont use very much wood it is very easy to over smoke these I use a small amount of chips because it will only smoke for a small amount of time instead of chunks which produce to much smoke for chicken breast. If you use a chunk just use a small piece.
Most folks have tried them at least once,and most just quick grill them.

That said ,the post above has some good info.

If you go to FIND at page top,input breast fillets,all forums,you will get several approaches.

A simple brine,for a couple hours gives you a little more temp amount cushion ,and tends to greatly improve fillets.

Hopes this helps a little.
Tom, by quick grill do you mean what Mr K suggested, or quick grill not in a smoker?

I may be dense currently for some reason, but if I do a Find and put in breast fillets, chicken fillets, etc. I don't find many, if any hits. Even my own thread! Not sure what is up with that.

SmokinOkie, found the brine article. Thanks!
Here is a quick find.

Breast fillets

Anything can be smoked low and slow,but some things lend themselves to it.

Low and slow is great for rendering large amounts of interspersed fat and breaking down the tough collagen.

Breasts have neither.

At their peak,folks tend to cook them fast ,over a hot fire,as you might a thin beef steak,pork chop,or ground burger.

You can force the smoker out of its role,as folks have suggested above.

The suggestions just help you get where you are trying to go.

This gives you the versatility,as the cook.

If it works for you,that is what is important.

It is hard to not cook a good product ,with a Cookshack.

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