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Hi again guys. Just got my sm025 last night from Cabela's and already seasoned it. I will be smoke cooking next weekend for the first time and on the sm025 for the first time...

I will be doing a 6lb butt... However, my dad wanted me to do some boneless chicken breasts as well... I know that i should only start out with Pork, however i figure i'll never learn if i don't try, so that's why i'll be doing chicken as well.

So i will be placing the PB on the top shelf and the 3 boneless breasts on the bottom shelf (to avoid contamination, i've learned this fro you guys on here.) Now to the question....

I know the PB is going to take much longer. I When should i put the chicken in the smoker? I know that "it's done with it's done", i'm ok with that. But i didn't want to put the chicken in at the same time as the PB and the chicken is donw 12 hours before the pork is... If i wait and put the chicken in half way through the 'estimated' cook time, will there be enough smoke left to hit the chicken? (maybe through another small chunk of wood in the box when i put the chickens in? Any comments are appreciated.
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thanks Pags.

quick follow up question....

i will be using a brine on these breasts for about an hour... just prior to placing in the smoker, could i coat the chicken with mayo and the cookshack 'spicy chicken rub' that came with my smoker? i guess i can do anything i want, but i read about a lot of guys using brine on here, and i read about some using mayo, and about some using a rub... could i combine all for the chicken?

sorry for all the questions, i just want my first products to be edible. Smiler
Some use the mayo as a paste with the rub already mixed in it. It will double/work as an oil to help lock in the juices.

I like to have a rest period with my if I were the one doing this smoke, I'd do the PB first and then FTC it while cooking the breasts...that's just me though!

Are your breast's skinless?
ok guys, i think i just answered my own question, as i found a thread where someone said they tried the above steps i stated...

what do you guys think of the following:

smoke the PB to completion. Remove PB and FTC it, all while turning the smoker off and leaving the door open. This should cool it down inside while i'm FTC... then place the chicken in the smoker and turn back on to start smoking, while i'm 'holding' the PB in the cooler. Is that a viable option?
I have done a lot of chicken breast in my 025 recently. I have been brining for a minimum 4 hrs. Mine are finishing in the 45-60 min range at 250. I cook to 160 internal and cover for 5-10 min. I brine/cook 8 breasts at a time.

I lightly rinse after brine and add a little seasoning before I put in.

My family loves it, and my wife says it's her favorite thing out of the smoker right now. She is on a diet, lost 46 pds so far, and the chicken breast is so lean. The perfect meat for a dieter. Besides fish. Wink

I use about 1oz of apple wood chips.

I Try to keep the tips (thinner) part towards the back or middle of the smoker. The front of my smoker is hotter.
Pags- I started with the basic brine-101. I add Garlic powder, pepper, dried oregano and basil.

Yes the wood chips are perfect for the short smokes like chicken. I also like to add them to wood chunks for longer smokes. For instance I will use hickory chunks and apple chips on my Almonds. The apple slightly sweetens the almond. Not sugary sweet. Hard to explain. I will use hickory chunks, and cherry chips on my ribs. The cherry helps turn the ribs a little darker then just hickory. It also adds just a hint of sweetness.
Oh and one more thing about the brine. Not sure if I read this somewhere.

I usually don't plan very well, and find that I need the brine now. So what I do is I take 2 qts of water, the sugar, salt, and boil. I turn it off, I add my herbs, garlic powder, and pepper. I then start adding ice until the ice doesn't melt thus adding water and cooling. I then add the chicken and refridgerate for 4 hours. There is plenty of brine for 8 breasts.
Yeah, like Padre said, "if you plan ahead" no rule against making the brine up a few days ahead of time and leave in the like Pags thou, last minute type of guy, oh well!

I also buy large container of minced garlic from Sam's and use large quantities along with 1/4 cup of crushed red pepper and some brown sugar... yum yum

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