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21lbs of chicken going, legs & thighs. Legs rubbed with a cherry rub and thighs I pulled back the skin and rubbed with a spicy apple rub. Good thing I've got the FEC, no way would this all have fit in the SM020. For the legs, I think I might do half sauce, half without.

It's a potluck block party, so everyone is bringing something. My neighbors and I were just laughing about last years, someone actually brought a couple of Domino's pizzas.
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Just be careful with chicken in the FEC. With the amount of grease & higher temps it's the one meat most likely to cause an inferno! Eeker

Make sure the meat does not extend over the drip tray/heat shield in the front & back.

If you want crispy skin, bump it to 376 for 20 minutes @ the end of the cook or cook @ 376 the whole way (about an hour).

Hope you had a good party. I bet you made some new friends!
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Yep, I've read quite a few posts about that. It was a little unnerving a few times as I got close to the smoker and heard the sizzling of the grease hitting the grease tray. Probably opened the door a few times too many to make sure there were no grease fires since this was my first big load of chicken.

I'll remember the 376 tip, but was very surprised that it started crisping up at 276. In the 020, I had to throw it on the grill in order to crisp up the skin.

Was a fun party, no Domino's this year! The legs disappeared real quick. The half pan of pulled chicken didn't last much longer. Several neighbors asked when I was having my next cook out and if they were invited.
The less you open the door the better. The only time I've had a fire was with chicken after I had the door open. What happens is the firepot gets stoked to catch up the temp and the grease catches on fire. It's best to just look @ your temp readout. If it's close to set point you're good.
If you do have a fire, don't open the door (ever seen Backdraft). Turn the unit off and cover the exhaust. When it's out, make sure you're hopper is not on fire! Remember: Door Gaskets are cheaper than Plastic Surgery!
Joe M
Originally posted by Joe M:
The less you open the door the better. The only time I've had a fire was with chicken after I had the door open.

10-4! Think I was probably just a little paranoid the first time. Everything else I've cooked, the door has been closed almost the entire cook. Just that sound of sizzling grease got the best of me.

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