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Hi, here I am a newbie looking for last minute info. I am currently smoking two 3.5+ lb chickens at 250*. I put the probe into the breast (using SM025). My question is when should I take it out? The following website says 167* ( ) but I am reading a lot of things saying 180*. I like my chicken moist but not raw. Will the thigh be done if the breast reads 167? Lookin for some insight. Thanks in advance. I guess I have about 3 more hours to find out what to do. Smiler
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The answer is you want at least 165, but the final temp is up to you.

The hardest part is getting the white and dark done to your likeness.

I like my white me to not be dry/overcooked, that's why I brine

I like my dark meat tender, that's why I cook it longer.

Welcome to the hunt for the perfect temp.

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