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Smokin said I should post this in here as more competitors are in this part of the forum.
We tried chicken thighs at the Minneola competition and didn't do well. They were very ugly thighs for one thing. None of them were the same size. I had a hard time getting 8 of them in the turn in box. I wound up tiling them over each other in a spiral pattern.
I practiced this weekend on boneless thighs. They were real pretty, pretty tender, and tasty except for too much salt.
Has anyone ever used boneless instead of bone-in? Which do you think the judges preferred and why?
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Well I have seen the boneless thighs come threw every now and then. I think they are ok if they are a good size and look about the same. I think that they dry out very fast. I believe that you also get better flavore with that bone so. I would also try something else besides thighs just to be diff and see what kind of scores you get. It is good to be different. Seems like everyone is trying to turn in the same things.

Thanks for your ideas, Craig and Candy. I had been thinking the same thing. That the judges would be getting tired of always getting thighs and legs. I was told that those are the parts that are least likely to dry out, but I think I want to do something different, too.
I'll start with these rolled up thighs. At least they look better than what I turned in before.
How do you trim them? I raised my placing, but you never know if it's judges preference or what. But I think they turned out much better than my bone-ins.
Do you remove all of the fat? I was selectively removing fat because I like a little left in. Ours were very juicy, but a little ragged looking. I picked out the best six and turned them in, but I'd like to have all of them look like those and then pick the best six from them.

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