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Pick out the flavor you like and we will see if we can make it work on your smoker? I would say 1 1/2 hrs at 225* and them crisp the skin up on a grill or the broiler of your oven. That would be 3-4 minutes on each side, probably 1-2 ozs of wood on the smoking part. Keep good notes and adjust as needed. You'll find that making good Que is more of an ART that sometimes needs a little adjusting, till you get it the way YOU like. Hope this helps.
The reason I'm looking this morning is I did a trial run (1st time smoking wings) yesterday. I used 240 degrees,2 oz of hickory, and about 2 hrs. on a lower rack (close to the element). I liked the flavor but ended up with "chewy,tough skin" Wondering about rack position in the smoker and internal temp of finished product. (maybe overcooked)?
I have done wings often in a Smokette and an AmeriQue. I marinate overnight, preferably in a vacuum container and as Cal suggests smoke them 1 ½ - 2 2hour at 225⁰ with 1-2 oz of hickory. If the skin is too rubbery for your liking crisp them up on the grill or under the broiler. I tried crisping in the turkey fryer once, but did not care for it.

When i smoke wings I use all the racks (2-3 times)
Oh yeah, and keep good notes. You’d be surprised what you’ll forget between now and the next time you want to do wings
If you go with 275-300* on your smoker, you will get edible skin, but not crispy. If you want crispy skin, that's where the grill/broiler come into play. If you smoke at 225* all the way, the skins will be a tad rubbery.

The smoke flavor adds a nice twist to many of the recipes on the list Cal provided. Use the recipe you like the best then cook in the smoker.

If you want crispy skin, use your grill or broiler. Here's what I use when finishing on the grill. Makes turning the wings simpler. Even though it's nonstick, spray with PAM or something.
I've done wings many times in my smokette, using both racks and 1-2 oz of wood. I smoke at 300 degrees for 1 hour and by that time, most of the wings are cooked. I either sauce them when they come out of the smoker (the skin is not crisp, but definitely edible) or throw them on the grill for a few minutes to get some crispness. I prefer a just a hint of smoke to go with whatever flavor sauce I am using.
Thanks to all who have replied---good info! Still wondering about rack position---high---middle--low? Yesterdays batch was small for trial. I'm putting some more in "brine" tonight that I plan to cook tomorrow--will cook I think at 275--300 for 1.5 hrs (approx). Will post results tomorrow aft---eve. Thanks again
Have not tried brining. I clean and dust with rub. Put on middle rack @250 for around 2 hrs. Crank the grill up to high heat and baste with sauce for a couple of minutes on each side. Nice and crispy. Put them in some foil for a few minutes to finish up. Nice thing about these cookers is its so easy to experiment. Prefer the flats.
Smoked brined wings @ 300 for approx. 1 1/2 hrs. Skin was still a bit chewy but definitly edible. As some suggested,the grill wasnt an option to "crispy" it. (It was 10 below zero here in the frozen tundra) and--I'm not a big fan of my broiler. Overall a great learning experience! And--the wings were good. Still looking at Cal's recipies--------Thanks to all.
Very impressed with amerique for operating in these (outdoor) temps------cant believe it!
Well now, the conspiracy grows and grows. I did not ACTUALLY take YOUR list. I went to the 101 guides page and tried to open the wings list and the dawg gone computer froze on I went to another thread about wings and borrowed Pag's list. It now becomes a West coast conspiracy.LOL

Pag's tell Smokin' that's YOUR list???
Just to lend to the conversation - wings come out fantastic salt and peppered right off a pellet smoker (around 350 to 400 degrees), and no need to grill them up. Skin gets a nice texture, a little crispy, dark golden color, and a great taste that goes well with traditional wing sauce and parm/garlic sauces. I think the electric smokers being a moister environment and not as hot are going to consistently produce a softer skin.

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