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Gonna do some wings and ribs for Saturday... and am using the ol Weber to BBQ it. On to my question...

Can I keep the wings cooked as long as the ribs? This is my first time actually BBQn wings instead of grillin' it so I wanna know if the longer cooktime would affect the taste/flavor of the wings. I know I can throw wings later than the ribs but convienciene is key for me since it's College FB Saturday. And it would be nice to set everything off at once and take em out all at once.

Hope this makes sense...
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I don't know about taste/flavor,but I'd think texture would fall off some.

I like to cook yardbirds at higher temps and serve not long after pulling from the grill.

Seems to me like wings are mostly skin,so texture is a big part of it.

I might give 'em the wings as finger food,while the ribs were finishing.
agree with tom. ribs at low temp for several hours... won't suit wings. now, if you build a fire under half of the kettle, then place wings over fire and ribs on other side (no coals below), then you could cook the wings at higher temp, get good skin crsipiness, but pull em off after 45-60 min. or wait and throw them on a couple hours after the ribs get started...
Not sure how you are prepin your wings but I have had good luck maming spicy wings in the oven and finishing em off on the grill. Get that spicy flavro and some char from the pit. Everyone who has tried em, loves em. If you are short on time, by a pack of Tyson pre-cooked hot wings from Sam's and throw em on the grill for 20 minutes... will keep em coming back for more.

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