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I did them in an 008.

I used Andi's recipe:

Slit the peppers 4 times almost the entire length to help release moisture.

Placed in the smoker with 2 oz. of wood (apple) and smoked for 5 hours. (Andi did it for 7 hrs, but it was after midnight & I was tired.) Then I opened door for several minutes to let moisture out.

Reloaded with 2 more oz. of wood, shut the door and let it go for 7 more hours before opening the door and letting moisture out again.

I didn't add anymore wood but shut the door and let it go for about 9 more hours.

So that's a total of 21 hours give or take 30 minutes. (I left work early and went to the pub for a few prior to going home and taking them out of the Smokette.)

The smoker was set at 150 through out the whole process.
I have a similar question. Aren't they better if you split them and remove the veins and seeds before smoking/drying?

My Grandma always just threaded all kinds of peppers onto a string and hung them under a covered porch. She tied garlic and onions onto theirselves and hung them in the same place.
Hi guys,

I ground some both ways you mentioned. The pic shown of the powder is the stuff I ground with the seeds in it figuring I'd use it in chili, summer sausage, and pizza. But then i got to thinnking I might want some seedless and less potent powder on hand so I knocked all the seeds out.

Whether you want to split the peppers in half and totally devain and deseed is really all personal prefrenece. Before undertaking this project I did a search and read lots of stuff on them and there are a lot of people that do just what you said.

I know one thing, these were the hottest japs I've ever grown or tasted. I don't know if it did me much good to deseed the second batch of powder. It must have been the extra hot summer that made them that way.

I also know that Miracle Grow worked wonders on quantity and size. Did it have anything to do with the heat factor????
It's harvest season here...all the farmer's market are full of different peppers ...

I bought a bunch of fresh jalapenos, and I had the idea of makin' "smoked chipotle" (just for you guys Big Grin )

So here's what I understand:

1- Make a incision on the side of the peppers just a little bit to let the moisture out, leave the seeds for more heat, remove them for less, leave the top (part attached to the plant) on for look.

2- put in smokette at 150f with 2 oz of hickory for 7 hours and open door every now and then to release moisture from smokette.

3- repeat #2 two times (total time 17h-21h) or until completely dried out.

I have a little question, the grill are spaces and won't the peppers will fall off...??

should I use a aluminium foil plate that i punched several holes in them to let air and smoke pass trough ??

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