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Grabbed a couple of small Chuck Tender Roasts from Walmart, A.K.A. Chuck Eye Roasts or Chuck Fillets.

One was 2lbs. and one was 2.4lbs.

First I mixed up some of Butcher BBQ's Prime Dust and Brisket Injection

Then I trimmed the silver skin off and cut up 2 onions, 2 small green peppers and a large red pepper.

I then Injected them over the vege's (less mess) and wiped them dry.

Close up

I put a thick coating of Black Ops Brisket rub on them

Added broth to the veges and out to the smoker we went

I set the FEC-120 to 160º loaded the hopper and my AMNPS Tube with apple pellets and let them cook for 2.5 hours

I then bumped up the temperature to 250º for 2.5 more hours until the IT was 170º Per SmokinOkie's PICS -- How to make Chuckies (Smoked Chuck Roast)

I chunked it up into about 1-1.25" cubes

When cubing it I tried a couple slices and they were juicy and tender, if the roasts wouldn't have been so small I would have held one back for eating sliced.

I put the cubes in a foil pan with a beef broth BBQ sauce mix and covered it and the vege/broth pan with lids and set the FEC to 300º for 2 more hours

The finished products

I mixed up some veges and beef with a little additional BBQ sauce and stirred it up with a fork and that was tonight's dinner.

Tomorrow sandwiches!

It turned out much better than I was expecting and I will definitely get bigger roasts for the next time and keep one out for slicing, I have no doubt the injection kept them nice and moist an added extra flavor to the slice I tried.
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