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anybody heard of this one?yucatan style pork butt,supposadly wrapped in bannana leaves,burried in coals?well,i marinated in anchiote garlic paste,with some sour orange juice and some mex oregano,1.5 days,wrapped in bannana leaves,i'm using a mosquite smoke?kinda regional i guess.the kicker is a pickled onion relish,1 bermuda onion,5 bay leaves,cover with red wine vinegar,cook down till soft.wife just returned from corpus with many butter tortillas.anybody heard of this?tried this?oh yes,usin a boneless 6 lb.butt.also smokin'crop of beautiful chocolate poblanos,anybody have info on adobo sauce for them?appreciate the input!
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Due to lack of response to your questions, I'm guessing that "no," nobody's done a pork butt in this manner. That said, it sounds a lot like the way some 'Cubanos' cook whole pigs, using adobo to make a spicy marinade. You might try looking up "La Caja China" cookers, and related recipes to compare recipes. I do that a lot...look at a few recipes for the same thing and decide for myself which ingredients/steps I want to use or eliminate. Just my 2 cents. Good luck with that and let us know your outcome!
okay,i've gotta classify this as a success!not very spicy,untill the habanero hot sauce is addaed to the taco.probably go with oak smoke next time.the pickled onions will be a staple for sure!might want to inject in the bathtub next time,wife was unimpressed with the anchiote spatter!this recipe is supposudly on the dvd of once upon a time in mexico.i'll be checking that out again,its kind of a central theme i'm's some pics.


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