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I am smiling from ear to ear because I am so happy with the results of my first Cold Smoked Salmon attempt.
I used my new Cookshack Model 50 with the cold smoke baffle.
I smoked a 5 pound (half salmon) and followed the basic cookshack Cold Smoke Salmon Recipe with minor changes. (5 lbs of salmon rather than 2 1/2 and kosher salt rather than rock salt)
5 pounds of Scottish Farm Raised Salmon
1/2 cup of maple syrup
2 pounds of kosher salt(enough to cover)
2 cups of canola oil.

The full recipe is available at the cookshack site.
I have long been a lox lover and have tried many many different types over the years. This recipe cooked in my cookshack produced the most delicate, sweetest, most flavorful and rich lox I can imagine. This recipe is a grandslam for lox lovers.
My only cavaet is that when I tried to cut the lox I did not get the beautiful large slices I am used to. It may be that since I just finished the lox 20 minutes ago it may slice better after refrigeration.
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I did it just the other day. Went to Costco bought a farm raised atlantic salmon fillet no skin, 5.99/lb followed the cookshack cold smoke reicpe that came with the cold smoke baffle. Did the maple syrup and rock salt, left in fridge overnight, rinsed well then set smoker to 150 with one chunk of apple and put the ice pan in, left in for 30 minutes instead of 20, shut off and left in for 1 hour. Took out and oiled both sides with corn oil, we didnt have canola, put in fridge for a couple of hours, took out and sliced, it was the best, most flavorful and translucent lox I've ever had, I had to fight my kid and his girlfriend for it. It truly amazed me.
No need to buy a cold smoke baffle to make Lox!!
I simply wrap one of the racks with aluminum foil and place it in the bottom shelf. On top of this rack, I place a pyrex dish full of ice cubes. I put the salt/maple syrup cured salmon on the top rack and smoke with a few wood chips for 20 min at 120. Turn the smoker off and leave the salmon in for another 40-50 min, etc.... It has worked well for me w/o having to buy that $$$ baffle.
With regards to getting some nice slices, you do need to refrigerate it before carving it and a good knife such as the "Wüsthof Classic 12-Inch Hollow-Ground Salmon Slicer" really helps. You do need to slice on an angle of course...
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