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After reading a couple of thread and experimenting with a cardboard box, I went ahead and built a plywood cold smoker box that sits on top of my Smokette.

The box is sized to accept the standard CS grills and has an access hole in the bottom for the smokette vent and a vent hole in the top of the box.

The front attaches to the box with three bolt mounted wing nuts. I used these because to get a tight fitting front with hinges makes it a much tougher job. The mounting bolts have a nut that is recessed into the mounting frame.

In the bottom, I used a small aluminum pan for ice to help keep the unit cool.

My first attempt at cheese was a huge success. I set the CS at 200 and the box never got above 90.

I would like to see if there are any problems with this type of setup regarding damaging the Smokette. The smoke seems to vent freely out of the top of the box.

Any thoughts???? (I had to do this in three messages since I could not get it to upload more than one picture....)


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This shows the front mounted. The door is held in place with wing nuts. It provides a tight seal and is relatively easy to remove the front.

(for you southern boys, the black handles in the picture are part of a humongous snow blower!)


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The smaller offset hole is certainly a possiblity. I did not want to start with one too small in case there was a back pressure problem. My idea was to put a little round sheet metal "cap" that would mount with a screw on one side and then it could regulate the size of the vent. So far, it seems to hold the smoke really well. My cheddar cheese blocks which are 1/2 lb each are plenty smoky after 1 1/2 hr. I do use chips instead of chunks and it generates quite a bit of smoke quickly. Still gonna play with it a bit.

BTW - nice woodcarvings, Smokenque
Really nice work Dale. I couldn't tell from the pics, but is there a gap between the bottom of the wooden smoker box and the top of the CS smoker? I think for proper ventilation of both, there should be a gap between the 2 surfaces. I use 1x1's on 2 sides between the cardboard box and top of the smoker. I bet you could get 2-3 more racks in there as well, but I love what you have done. Sure beats my Penzoil box. Smiler

There is no gap between the smokette and the cold box. After watching it vent, I am not sure if it is necessary. I would say the only reason to do that would be if there is a possibility of damaging the smokette. There seems to be plenty of ventilation through the top of the box but again, I have not used it that much. As you said, it would certainly be easy to elevate it a bit.

It would be very easy to increase the number of racks.

This plywood box really is just a refined version of using a cardboard box. It is certainly more sturdy and allows the use of multiple racks....I had a spare piece of plywood laying around so it was not expensive to build. (unless you count the cost of the shop tools... Eeker).

If this works, I may try and do a sheet metal version. I think it would be more sanitary for cold smoking fish, etc.

I would be interested in hearing from the CS folks if there are any known problems with something like this. Love that little Smokette!

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