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I've been wanting to do some long cold smokes, and really hadn't found a unit (until now!) that would fit my needs with my AQ. The cold baffle is great with short smokes, as are some of the other devices avialable.

I found this Smokai unit in New Zealand. It comes in 2 sizes-1 liter and 3 liter. Obviously the larger capacity will keep smoking much longer.

I drilled a 1 9/16 hole in the door of my AQ, placed above the top of the firebox cover. Then drilled and mounted the attachment plate to the door with 4 holes and bolts/wing nuts.

While the air pump is not shown attached, it's just a variable 110v pump with a small flexible tube that attaches to the smoker. By changing the pump speed, you put out more, or less, smoke into the AQ. You can use small chips, or as I do, sawdust. It's actually a bit larger than what you might think sawdust is which is good.

After putting everything together, you load the tube with your choice of wood, turn the blower on low to start, and then put a match or a small torch into the hole in the side of the Smokai.

I've attached some pics of this unit to give you an idea of whats involved. Other that drilling a few holes, it's a no-brainer.

My first smoke is Tuesday. Whole, cleaned trout. I'll let you know how it comes out!

(Looks like I'll have to add 1 pic at a time 'cause I have no clue how to do it otherwise!)

Here's Youtube link to show this in action:


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No results for food yet (things have been a bit hectic around here), but I have an answer for AndyJ. Started from a cold smoker- about 44-45 degrees outside. An hour after lighting the Smokai, temps inside the smoker were showing about 54-55 degrees. I actually put my hand in front of the exit tube when it was billowing out- and the smoke felt cold to the touch. It was better than I expected. Now, about 1:45 later, no discernible difference in inside the AQ temps at all. I had the pump running at 1/2 to maybe 2/3 power. More than enough smoke being produced- so much so that I think I'll turn it way down when I do the actual trout smoking tomorrow morning to stretch out the fuel.

Speaking of fuel- I changed from Apple sawdust to Apple pellets as I had a bit of a hard time lighting the sawdust. Pellets are supposed to burn much hotter than the rest. Not a problem at all.
Thought I might offer a couple threads that you might find helpful.

Understanding Smoke Management

My Cold Smoking Options

There will definitely be a learning curve with your new smoke generator because of the volume of smoke it produces. I experienced this when I attached a Smoke Daddy to my AQ. You will find that the times you smoke a product will be dramatically reduced depending on the color and density of the smoke. You will also find that using a dense smoke is much less forgiving than a thin smoke or what the AQ normally produces. Example, when cooking a chicken, first observe the color and density of the smoke then only apply smoke for 15 to 20 minutes afterwards cook as normal. Keep notes and make adjustments for future birds.

As you can see in picture 4 in "My Cold Smoking Options", unlike yours, the mod to my AQ is for cold smoking only.

Hope this helps.

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