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Thanks Smokin, I did search but for some reason that page didn't come up. Thanks for getting me there.

That being said, its not really what I am looking for. It is mostly just guys saying "I like..."

I would love to have an actual review to help with future purchases--along the lines of " KC style sauce, a little on the sweet side, heat on the back end. Good on ribs, not so good on beef" etc etc.

I realize you can always google "review of XYZ sauce" but these are frequently tainted reviews put up by the manufacturer and not always entirely trustworthy.

This forum however: always trustworthy!


(and certainly, I suppose we could just start posting at the bottom of the 2004 thread above and resurrect it)
I like the idea but you realize preference is going to vary greatly by region.

Here in the Midwest it would be hard for me go give up my Blues Hog original on chicken and ribs and Head Country original if you like a little sauce on your brisket Wink

Mack Daddy's Hawg Sauce would get my vote for a dipping sauce on wings. I can literally drink that stuff out of the bottle Smiler
And it can vary greatly within a region. I'm from the midwest as well and I can't stand Blues Hog Original. But put some Blues Hog Tennessee Red in front of me.... I'm all over that.

I think it depends a lot on what flavors you like. I'm a huge fan of Holy Smokes BBQ sauce, BBQ Pitmaster's Georgia Champs from a few years ago. Love that stuff, finally looked at the ingredients. Contains raspberry syrup. I LOVE raspberries. Couldn't quite put my finger on the flavor until I saw the ingredients, then I knew exactly what it was. But yet, the flavor profile is totally different than the Tennessee Red and I love them both. Go figure.

Although I could see if you give a flavor profile of a sauce, that could help others that may not have the same tastes decide if a sauce if for them.

I say start up a new thread and post a couple of your favorites and what you think a review should include.
AndyJ: I just found a little place here in Idaho that makes rubs and sauces. I haven't tried their sauces, but have used some of the rubs. Their Sweet Heat is great. I have also used Their Washington Apple Butter, and it was good. I still haven't done anything to use the Bourbon Molasses, Mango Magic, or Raspberry Chipotle. My girls are Jam makers, and they do some strange stuff. Cherry Jalapeno Lime jelly is just one. They also make a peach Jalapeno and an apricot Jalapeno. They haven't done the Huckleberry wine spiked peach yet this year. I use these as a glaze, or mix 50-50 with Sweet Baby Rays Original BBQ sauce. Now that I have found a place with some original rubs, I can't wait for the rub exchange.
When folks come to the house to eat ribs or pulled pork, and are fixing their plate, they sometimes ask for sauce. I tell them (jokingly) that sauce is a sign of weakness and great bbq needs very little. When they taste the bbq, they agree.

But when I go to rib crib, I love their mild sauce and boy, do I slop it on everything.

So, I guess My favorite sauce is rib crib mild. I wish I could find a recipe for that, I'd make some.
Review of Bird Dog Mild BBQ sauce:

Being a pheasant hunter, I had to give this one a try.
This sauce is made in Colorado Springs. is the link. Had some good Q while visiting there and bought some sauce to take home. The website states they have Oklahoma origins.

This sauce is sweet and tangy. Tomato based. Relatively thick viscosity. Minimal heat but very good flavor. A minimal amount of sauce is required to supplement the flavor of the meat used. I found it went wonderfully well on ribs and pulled pork, but not quite as good with beef or chicken.

If you like your ribs "sticky" this would be the sauce for you. Also good for someone trying to avoid a spicier BBQ sauce.

Would I purchase again? Absolutely! But would use primarily for pork.

BTW, I have tried the Bird Dog Hot BBQ sauce while at their restaurant, but I did not purchase a bottle so my experience is limited to one or two bites. I am a fan of hot things, but I found the mild sauce to have a much richer and more enjoyable flavor profile. Any future purchases will be limited to the mild sauce.


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Review of Three Little Pigs Kansas City Competition BBQ Sauce:

Based out of Kansas City, this is definitely a KC style sauce. Website claims 8 American Royal Championships.
Flavor seems primarily ketchup and worcestershire which is noticeable. Not a lot of zip or memorable flavor notes. Based on the championships listed, I was expecting a little more in the flavor department.

I think this sauce may be a little better on beef or brisket, rather than pork, but for me, sorry to say it was just average.

They also advertise Sweet and Chipotle versions of their sauce, however I have not tried these versions.
Review of Salvy Sousa OMG BBQ Sauce

Made in Kansas, I have wanted to try this one for a while. They make a vegetable marinade (marinate, then grill the veggies) that is pretty good, thus I wanted to give this sauce a shot.

Unfortunately, it didn't live up to expectations. Tomato based sauce. Very smoky with a slight citrus zing. The smoky flavor profile tastes like they have added way too much liquid smoke to the recipe.

The bright side: I tried adding some of this to my beans, and since it was diffused enough, the beans turned out pretty good.

If you are a liquid smoke fan, you will like this sauce. Otherwise use it as a complement for your BBQ beans, not your meat. Or consider mixing it with another sauce or add ketchup to diffuse the liquid smoke flavor.


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Chaplain Bill, I totally agree with you. Before I started my smoking adventures, I would put a lot of sauce on my food. I realize now that what I thought was good barbecue was actually pretty average or poor, thus the need to slather on the sauce.

Now that I have learned how to make some pretty decent barbecue with my Cookshack, sauce has become a complement to the meat, rather than the "main course." I use it sparingly.

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