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Thanks gentlemen, they scored well, an appearance point away from a perfect score, 60 team contest. What is different and I thought would cause some comments...they were enhanced ribs. Eeker

As far as some recipe, I'll let RibDog share that if he wants. I know I've said thanks to him before, but thanks again John.

The Smithfield ribs are 8% enhanced, it seems that the meat won't pull back quite as nice and expose the end of the bones, but they do produce a juicy rib.
Originally posted by Jay1924:
I have used both Kroger (12%) and Smithfield (8%) enhanced ribs. While I agree they turn out moist, I have found the flavor to be lacking compared to non-enhanced pork, and I really object to paying meat prices for salt water. Just my opinion.

Still, Cal parlayed them into a win! Great technique and a great-looking product!

They have up to 2% phosphates injected in them. I think we all can agree that it's not uncommon for brisket/pork cooks to use a commercial injection on those meats. It's even becoming more common to see comp cooks inject ribs with those injections. This just seems a little easier. Smiler

1st, 2nd, 5th, 10th place calls in 4 comps with these ribs. the nice thing is they are easily available at WalMart.

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