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With either the PG1000 or a Charbroiler CBo24 how does the direct cooking method work? How are the pellets distributed to get an open flame under the entire cooking grate area?
On the PG1000 if you have a large brisket or rack of ribs and they hang over the direct grill a little, are they going to get more heat at that end?
I have only seen one PG500 cooking at an off road race and didn't get to see inside while he was cooking. Asked him a bunch of questions, but didn't think of that until I began studying CookShack products. The guy cooking had great things to say about his. I have two Traegers now so am considering just getting a CBo24 for wood grilling.
Thanks for any information
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What are you wanting to cook (what and how much)?

The reason I ask is the PG is a grill/smoker but I wouldn't recommend the CB as a smoker. It's 100% bad@#$ grill. You have a H/M/L setting so you can't really adjust it for smoker (you couldn't but I wouldn't) the top has no insulation and you'll burn a bunch of pellets trying to get a steady temp for smoking. It's a grill.

On the CB, each 12" section get's its own burner, so for a 24 that's 2 and 36 is 3 burners. Preheat with the cast iron grates (20+ pds each one) and you get great grill marks etc.

the front of the CB is the hopper and holds the pellets. If you look at any photos on the CS website, you'll see vent holds for the fans (count them, they're for each burner). There is an auger that delivers them to the firepot (same design in every FE).
Hey, thanks for the reply. I knew that it was a grill and not really designed for smoking, but sounds like a great grill for that cooked over wood flavor. I really don't need another smoker at this time so was considering the CB. You answered my question about how the grill area gets all around heat. I really believe that this would be a good choice to replace the gas grill I have now.

So correct me if I'm wrong. If using the PG on smoke the grill area would be hotter than the indirect area and not suitable to smoke over?

Thanks for your help

The firebox on the PG is on the left side, the "direct" side. You can smoke on the right side. When I'm just doing a rack or two of ribs I use the PG and use the right side. The "edge" of the food can get a little direct heat so I tend to rotate the food 180 to be sure it cooks evenly.
I'm also considering the CB024 Charbroiler for a back yard installation. Obviously, a cover or tarp would be an absolute necessity between uses.

My site would be the covered patio where my SM025 smoker lives. The roof area is limited, however, and could not completely cover the Charbroiler which is fairly deep -- about 36 inches. So the back of the unit, including part of the grill, would be under the sky, while the hopper and front of the grill would be sheltered.

I was hoping that some of you who've sited the unit outdoors could describe how you've protected it from the elements, i.e., rain....and 'pelletcrete'. And have you had any problems even with your best efforts to protect it?

I am looking at the CB 24 or 36 for outdoor use also. But mine would be in an uncovered area-snow and rain here in Michigan.

Other than getting a cover, are there any precautions or issues leaving the unit outside? Is the wood box protected from rain running down the side of the unit into the wood box? Is the unit meant/built to be left outside?

Originally posted by Tom:
Like BD said.

All my CS products have set outside on an uncovered patio here in South-Central FL beachside.They are in a salt shower storm nightly .The comp cookers travel all the country and cook 24/7 with their covers on after being hauled in the elements.
Been doing it for a decade and a half.

Tom- just saw this post. Thanks for the info.
If you don't need to smoke, the CB is a better grill. It has a much larger surface area for grilling than the PG, and those super heavy cast iron grates put a sear on meat like nothing else.

That said, the PG IS more weather tight. You can't ever get the pellet box lid wet on the CB or you will end up with a pile of sawdust and pelletcrete. As some have said, it works fine under an outdoor roof, but if you are using it directly under the open sky, you can't ever use it in the rain. The PG doesn't have these issues.

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