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Yesterday as I made phone calls and sent e-mails to request info on different contest, I thought how great it would be if the sanctioning bodies' web sites had pages for complete contest info and entry forms. I'm sure that it is not going to happen, but it would be nice.

The other thing was an archive of reviews of contests. As we participate in contest we post our opinions of the contest. Things like were they organized, what was the site like,prize money, did the community make you feel welcome, etc. Things you don't know unless you've been there.

What do you think?
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Great ideas Fred. As Backyard Chair for the NBBQA, that was one of my thoughts also.

I hope, we can at least get details in our forum for our use, so I expect a full report from you for every contest you enter.

I'd love to see photos, contact info, website and of course, send me your leftovers Big Grin

The new KCBS website has about a complete a list as I've seen in a long time. It has contact info for the contests, including e-mail when available. And, it's up to date to boot. I think they've made great strides with the new website.

As for reviews, everyone has an opinion. Unfortunately most are quick to pass on the bad and forget the good. I rely on talking to people who look for the same things in contests as a source of info to decide if I want to attend.

Hope to see you and your bride out on the KCBS circuit this year!

For sure concensus on which contests are good or not will never happen. I made five calls and sent out twenty e-mails today. And even if I get answers from them, all I know is what the organizer says. I went to a contest last year, and the police came to the cooks meeting to announce that since the contest was being held on a city parking lot and anyone caught drinking would be arrested. this showed me that the community didn't support the contest. Not saying I wouldn't go back, but it would be a factor in which contest we go to. I'm sure overtime we will develop a pretty set schedule every year and the the workload of gethering info will grow less and less.

The KCBS website is improved and the Bullsheet also is good for poc's. The good news is that more and more contest are putting up their own sites.

It will be good to have you on the KCBS board. Are you doing Bentonville this year?
Hold on there Fred! The ballots aren't even out yet. This is definitely going to be an uphill battle. However, I greatly appreciate your support and positive thinking. :-)

I had to work on Sheri pretty good, but yes, we're going to cook Bentonville. They don't like our food and it's rained there the last two years. The site doesn't drain well, so it gets very sloppy. It's always a good test though, because many top cooks attend. Hope to see you there this year.

Hi Fred, at one contest I went to, it was connected with a Jazz Festival with tight security and one rule was no beer cans or bottles could be brought in, so they had some young security guards that thought they were RoboCop came and tried to confiscate beer out of the cookers coolers. You can imagine how well that went over. Eventually, they worked it all out, and everybody kept their beer. They never had the contest again.

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