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Chill lazlo Wink This is the first time ever I have even heard implied of an "attitude" with CS Customer Service. I think you have to consider that they just finished the Christmas season (probably the busiest ever) and I believe there was a two-three week back-log prior to that.

Also remember that Christmas was on a Monday, then you had the Ford funeral Tuesday. It's not been a normal two weeks!

Give them a chance to deliver. Did yo ask for a tracking number? Yep! There are other smokers out there but why compromise quality and a fantastic forum for a few day waiting?

PS The Charcoal Store has them for $1297.97
a nice young lady by the name of karen walked me thru it and i went ahead and drove to boise idaho to pick one up. i'm on my way to deliver it to whittier california now , a total round trip of 2,100 miles and worth every mile. for all of you who seemed to have missed it, i'm in love with the cookshacks in my opinion , best on the market , i have one i borrowed from a friend of mine i hope he never asks for it back , got ribs in it right now . so sorry if it seemed like i was slamming cs that was not my intentions
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Hi, dead lazlo,

I will personally check into this if you will send me the order number or your name, some way I can identify your order. I will send you an e-mail that you can reply to.

You have the apologies of everyone at Cookshack. Wheelz is right, we got slammed at Christmas.

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