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A lot is said about cooking butts at 225 degrees. And I have had great success with my PB's at that temp. But, if I am cooking butts all night for my deli and need a longer cook time for someone to be available to remove them, can I cook at 220 degrees to stretch that 12 or so hours to 13 or so. Don't want to compromise the quality in any way but that extra time would make life easier. What do y'all think?
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I'd say the same temp info applies. Temp is temp regardless of source. If you're wanting to stretch the time by 8.3% (1 hr/12 hr), you'll need to drop the temp by more than 2% (5*/220*) IMHO.

It's not an exact linear science, but I usually start my butts out slower then increase to stretch out cook time and get a little more smoke. Much like Trucky1008 does.
Maybe I could start them out at 200 when we leave our store at 7pm and when we come in at 6:30am bump them to 225 or 250 to finish the cook. Will that low temp for 11 hours be ok. Now at 225 they are already at 208-211 when we get there at 6:30am. Afraid that is too done. Is it? We pull some for sandwiches and sell some whole. Just want a good product.
Thanks Trucky, Pags, and cal. Sure helps to hear your experience. I now feel comfortable trying the lower temps and boosting towards the end. This time of fine tuning our cooking to meet our needs is fun but don't want to mess up a good thing in the process. But your words of wisdom will help. Oh yes the butts are the best and we do enjoy cooking them for the public. They love them.
Start checking them between 192-195* with the meat probe. If it slides in with no resistance, they're done. If not, let them cook longer. Generally, 208-211 is too done. If they're ready at 195*, you'll have less shrinkage and use less energy. A couple considerations for business. If you start them lower, they won't be at 208-11* when you get in.
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Twinlakes, don't you have a SM160, not an FE?

Not sure why you posted in the FE forums, if you only have the 160, let me know and I'll move this down to PB's.

For me, I just don't see 5 degrees making much of a difference.

Go with the 200 overnight and bump them when you get there. Experiment a little and you'll get the timing down.

If it was me, I'd order an FEC and use the IQ4 to go to hold when they reach the temp you want.

Yes, SmokinOkie I do have the SM160. New at forums. Didn't know I was in the FE section. Sorry. I actually have the IQ3 control system that will take it to hold when internal temp is reached with the temp probe. However I did not purchase temp probe with my smoker. Sounds like I may want to purchase it. But I am smoking tonight at the 200 and will check in the morn and bump up to finish. Let you know how it turns out.
Well I did six butts and started them out at 200 degrees at 7:30pm. Came in at 7:00am and bumped the temp to 230. A few of them reached 190 around hour 13 then bumped again to 250 to move on out of the plateau. The others were in for 14 hours. This did help with our timing situation and I liked the process. Butts were beautiful. I'm learning everyday and thanks for your input. By the way, what did you mean by moving my post down to PB's.

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