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I'm no expert,but I'll give a couple thoughts,until the real experts get here.

Well,I could give at least a dozen things that could affect the timing of a "butt/shoulder" and about the same for "a brisket".

Reference the internal temps,Smokin' will give you the standard,but most important answer "it is done when it is done".

Smokin' gets a royalty of $0.05 every time we use that comment,which is why he is a rich man. Big Grin

I guess if I'd give you a start point,assuming you have a correctly calibrated therm,placed in a good place,You could start checking the butt for tender around 193º.If I was going to slice it,maybe around 185º.

I'd guess most cooks might say to do the same with a brisket about 195º.If I was doing pulled,or chopped brisket,maybe 200º.

Remember these are places you will start poking it with your temp probe,or a two pronged meat fork.

Hope this helps a little.
Well. To answer the question directly. My briskets take less than 1.25 hrs/lb where pork butt takes longer than 1.5 hrs/lb (and sometimes longer than 1.75 hrs./lb). So start them at different times and FTC the first one outa the smoker. FTC = wrap the meat in double heavy duty Foil, wrap in a couple Towels, throw the meat into a Cooler. Should stay hot for hrs while the second hunk of smoking delight is ready.

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